“He’s always right” Diane Abbott rushes to Jeremy Corbyns defense after he slams Keir Starmer.

When confronted with Jeremy Corbyn’s attack on Sir Keir Starmer, former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott nervously laughed and told BBC Radio 4 that the former Labour leader was “always right” after he accused the current leader of “propping up the wealthy and powerful.”

In an article, Jeremy Corbyn slammed Sir Keir Starmer, accusing him of “propping up the wealthy and powerful” by avoiding Labour’s high-taxation policies for the wealthy.

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Following Andy McDonald’s departure and Deputy Leader Angela Rayner’s “scum” Tory comments, the critical editorial has shed greater light on the Labour Party’s fractures. During an appearance on Radio 4, Diane Abbott was faced with Mr Corbyn’s statements, and she frankly stated, “Jeremy is always right,” in a strong defence of the former Labour leader.


Nick Robinson of BBC Radio 4 wanted to know if Jeremy Corbyn was correct in criticising Sir Keir in his piece.

“Is Keir Starmer part of a group of people who want to prop up the wealthy and powerful?” he questioned Ms Abbott.

“you’re close to Jeremy. Is he right that the Labour leadership now wants to prop up the wealthy and the powerful?”

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“Jeremy is always right, but on the question of Keir Starmer, we have to look at some of these advisors,” Ms Abbott uncomfortably laughed.

“It now seems Peter Mandelson is now his advisor.”
Ms Abbott claimed that all one had to do was look at Mr Mandelson’s record to understand “where he stands” on specific subjects.

Mr Robinson was also curious about Ms Abbott’s thoughts on Andy McDonald’s resignation due to a lack of support for his fight for a £15-an-hour minimum wage.
“Some of Keir Starmer’s close aides claimed this is a deliberate plotted sabotage,” Mr Robinson said.

“Mr McDonald’s resignation came just days after it actually he approved a package including this lower figure for the minimum wage.”

“And hey presto, there are all sorts of photos, tweets, which come out the moment the secretary resigns.”
“This is a campaign to sabotage Keir Starmer’s conference.”

Ms Abbott dismissed the charges, saying, “of course, nonsense, Andy McDonald is not like that at all.”
“And there’s the reality that until recently, Keir Starmer supported £15 an hour, and he’s been protesting for it.”
“it’s quite strange that he was so insistent that Andy McDonald argue with conference delegates for just £10.”
Mr Robinson explained that the argument was to demand at least £10 per hour, with a goal of £15 if possible.

Ms Abbott said it was all well and good to applaud critical workers, but it was wrong not to advocate for them to be paid more.
She went on to say that Mr McDonald would not merely follow leadership advice in order to keep his position, which is why he chose to resign so he could be critical.

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