LABOURS ATTACK ON WOMEN – Keir Starmer states “Only women have a cervix” ‘shouldn’t be said, it is not right’.

With Labour trying to be all things to everyone, they seem to have forgotten about actual biological women. A Labour MP, Rosie Duffield who couldn’t go to the Labour party conference because she was threatened has become the latest woman to be censored for saying, “Only women have a cervix”.

The Labour leader Keir Starmer was questioned about this and he said that the “Only women have a cervix” term ‘shouldn’t be said, it is not right’. This is because he believes stating terms of fact is offensive towards transgender people.

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Even today, on the Julia Hartley-Brewer show (TalkRADIO), Labour MP Bridget Phillipson couldn’t agree to use the term of fact. Instead, she danced around the biological fact as if it was a dirty little secret that should never be spoken in case it infuriates the transgender first Labour Party members.


When the Labour MP was asked: Is it “transphobic for saying this ‘only women have a cervix’,”? the Labour MP said: “I’m not sure it advances the debate, and I find it quite troubling sometimes that much of it becomes very unpleasant and abusive and toxic in a way.”

With this open and accepted discrimination against actual biological women being displayed by the left and the Labour leader, how can Labour ever be in power if they see biological facts as acts of violence?

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