FOUL MOUTH Angela Rayner attempts to Justify calling Tories “A BUNCH OF SCUM” infront of late night activist rally.

This morning, on Trevor Phillips on Sunday, Labours Deputy leader Angela Rayner was questioned after it was found out that she attacked the Tories at a Labour activist rally, saying: “we cannot get any worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynist, absolute pile of banana Republic, Etonian piece of scum.”

This filthy foul mouth attack on the Tories was made after the chair of the Labour conference, Margaret Beckett, asked for civility at the opening of the Labour conference. That call for civility was clearly thrown out of the window after it was revealed what the deputy leader told lefty Labour activists.

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During the Trevor Phillips Interview, Angela Rayner tried to justify herself for saying what she said. Angela said it was late at night, and it was her own “passionate way” of sparking “fire in the belly” of the Labour activists.


The truth is, the Labour hierarchy will say one thing in the public domain, hoping to win your vote and say another thing within the party to ramp up hatred towards anyone who supports the Tories.

Former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s second in command, John McDonald, was also asked whether he found what Angela Rayners said was acceptable. John laughed, saying: “Have you not heard some of my speeches, Trevor? Sometimes I embarrass myself.”

2 thoughts on “FOUL MOUTH Angela Rayner attempts to Justify calling Tories “A BUNCH OF SCUM” infront of late night activist rally.

  1. Typical brainless wench who should be at home looking after her illegitimate kids. This thing is not only a total disgrace to the Labour Party, or what is left of it and the UK as a whole, a total and utter disgrace. But we cannot expect anything else from a bunch of total losers of the so-called Labour Party. The real Labour Party had its heart ripped out by that lying toerag Bliar and his Ms Pretty Boy Peter Mandelson, when between them they abolished Clause 4 totally rip[ping the heart out of everything it stood for.

    This thing Rayner is not unlike the tramp Philips, big mouth no brains but wide legs. Two of a kind of wasters the country does not need anywhere near any power. Neither have the brains of a dead rocking horse.

  2. I have been Labour all my life but at the moment i am ashamed of the so called people who say that they are good labour supporters its someone like Andy Burnham who will bring labour to power you just cannot think of just the working class you need the whole country the people with the money to make jobs we need to bring back conscription put our children in the armed forces to give them a purpose in life not lanquishing on the dole that goes for girls as well to many of them have got to much time on there hands and end up in trouble and why our we sending for people from abroard to work in our fields for the farmers get them out of jail to do it and if they abscond they get there sentences doubled i could go on but right now i hope i have given you enough food for thought

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