Moron ringleader activist from Insulate Britain found to have no insulation in his own home.

It’s come to light that the M25 RINGLEADER has failed to insulate his own environmentally unfriendly home. Liam Norton, an activist, has been causing havoc with the environmental group Insulate Britain.

The Eco Extremist wants the government to completely fund all social housing with insulation by 2025. However, according to a study, Norton’s home has gas central heating and is single-glazed with no cavity wall insulation. Residents can apply for subsidies for upgrades to the property in South West London, which a housing association holds.

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“Instead of making people’s lives a misery, he needs to spend more time on home improvements.” a source said.

This week, Insulate Britain shut down the M25 four times. “What we are doing in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity,” Norton, 36, told Good Morning Britain. Host Richard Madeley pushed him, saying he could be impeding a youngster on their way to cancer treatment.

“This is a good illustration of one of Britain’s leaky homes and why we need the Government to get on with the job,” Norton said in a statement.

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2 thoughts on “Moron ringleader activist from Insulate Britain found to have no insulation in his own home.

  1. No rep[orts have stated yet if this brainless bearded wonder is employed or if he sits on his fat arse all day dreaming of what to get up to next all the while shaking the magic money tree. If it is a fact that he sits on his fart arse every day dreaming of what more disruption he and his equally brainless wonders can cause, then ALL of his benefits must be stopped with immediate effect.

    There are ample jobs out there for the workshy, even those without a braincell can find a job if they wish. But this shower of idiots would sooner keep shaking the magic money tree. Stop their benefits, all of them. As for this idiot who lives in social housing, i, as reports have stated he refuses access to the Housing Association, then they must take civil action against him for the very minimum of breech of the tenancy agreement, if he still refuses to comply, then evict him, let him live in a tree or a tent now that winter is on its way. Let the moron freeze.

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