Jeremy Kyle celebrates Britain giving France a bloody nose

TALKRADIO anchor Jeremy Kyle praised the new AUKUS agreement as “beautiful” and urged Britons to rejoice in their triumph over Emmanuel Macron, whom he accuses of being purposefully hostile to the UK since taking office.

TalkRADIO anchor Jeremy Kyle was overjoyed with the AUKUS agreement, and he attacked “awful” French President Emmanuel Macron for being cruel to the UK over the years. The new alliance, which provides Australia with nuclear submarines, ripped up an old contract with France, which had fallen behind on their pledges to build the submarines.

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Mr Kyle praised the victory over France before arguing with a guest who was less delighted with the apparent victory over the neighbouring country. Mr Kyle was joined on TalkRADIO by writer and political commentator Mike Buckley to discuss the AUKUS pact. “Isn’t it great Mike to see us bloodying the nose of that awful little man Macron and telling the French to do one?” said Mr Kyle.

“Well, that depends on your point of view,” Mr Buckley said, “I don’t think that’s really the point of our defence or security policy.”

“I think the point is to keep this country safe and to make sure that Britain is a force for good in the world.”

“I’m still entirely unconvinced that this pact will make the world a safer place for the UK or for any other nation…”

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Mr Kyle interjected, hoping to elicit a more emotional response from Mr Buckley. “What I’m saying to you is, by anybody’s standards, Macron was very smug during Brexit,” he continued.

“He’s always out to bash the Brits, he’s always out to put himself there. What I’m saying to you is, isn’t it from a British point of view glorious to give him a bit of a bloody nose?”

Mr Buckley responded frankly, “No, it isn’t at all. We need a good relationship with Macron and with all other European leaders on just an objective level, doesn’t have to be on his terms or on our terms or anybody else’s terms.”

“But our economy is suffering because of Brexit, which we see on a daily basis.”
“Our security and defence is also suffering because of Brexit. It’s absolutely made us less safe. We should be doing everything we can to develop security and defence relationships.”
Mr Buckley stated that it was especially vital to develop security arrangements because the US has proven to be an “unreliable ally.”

Mr Kyle interjected again, saying he did not agree with anything Mr Buckley stated before quickly returning to his programme.

The agreement agreed by the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia will allow Australia to build nuclear submarines with the assistance of the two countries. Diplomatic tensions with Australia and China, which have resulted in sanctions and crushing tariffs, have alarmed Western countries about the region’s volatility.

In response, AUKUS has stated that it will “promote security and prosperity” by sharing cybersecurity and other military assets. However, the agreement means that Australia has cancelled a £27 billion deal agreed with France in 2016 to build 12 submarines. French authorities have referred to it as a “stab in the back,” with defence specialists claiming that France’s building timeframe was too slow. Submarine construction was not projected to be completed until 2035.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle celebrates Britain giving France a bloody nose

  1. For once I agree with Jeremy Kyle, I have always thought that Kyle was too up himself to be a reliable presenter. However, on this issue of giving the ‘Little Boy’ Macron a bloodied nose. Who in their right mind in this day and age would have a contract to build diesel electric subs or any military vessel, they went out of fashion years ago. Aus were correct to tear up the deal, and from my understanding, Aus were putting pressure on the Frogs to pull their finger out and Macaroon was demanding more money.

    There you have the root of everything where the Frogs are concerned, everything is about money, so France must be totally skint. But now, Macaroon is demanding compensation from the UK, not the US or Australia, but the UK. Tell him to go and do one. But yes, we with our partners were right to give Macaroon and his toy soldiers a bloodied nose, we must do it more often. We must also give the EU a major nose bleed seeing they have stuck their snouts in so as to muddy the waters.

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