Bitter French Minister threatens to TORPEDO Brexit – Protocol talks due to cancelled submarine contract.

France has threatened to pull Brexit into a diplomatic spat over the United Kingdom’s submarine contract with Australia and the United States.

ACCORDING TO FRENCH EUROPE MINISTER CLEMENT BEAUNE, the UK’s decision to side with Washington and Canberra in the conflict will have an impact on the talks to resolve post-Brexit border issues in Northern Ireland. “We see with Brexit, we see with the AUKUS project, that we first need to rebuild confidence… we need to discuss together,” he said before an EU ministerial meeting in Brussels. “We are not in this context at the moment.”

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He claimed that signing up to the AUKUS military accord had harmed cross-Channel “trust.”

In a clear shot at Boris Johnson, he said the UK joined the alliance as a “junior partner” after US President Joe Biden put pressure on him. Before the AUKUS partnership was revealed, Mr Beaune claimed that disagreements over Northern Ireland and post-Brexit fishing rights had already harmed trust.

“We have a tense relationship with the United Kingdom,” he added. “We signed an agreement, and we still see today that in terms of fishing and the Irish protocol, these agreements are not well applied, and they are not fully respected.”

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“So we want to be extremely clear and repeat that the agreement must be respected. It is also a question of trust, of keeping your word, of respecting the interests of Europeans. We can’t say we take the things that suit us and forget about the ones that don’t.”

He vowed to maintain Paris’ tough stance on the submarine treaty, which saw Australia cancel a deal with France to buy diesel-powered ships.
Mr Beaune told reporters, “It creates a difficult situation we have to be lucid, we have to be aware we have to be firm.”

“That’s as French but as Europeans because it’s a matter of the way we work together as allies that we remain particularly between the US and the EU.”
In the conflict over the AUKUS military alliance, Germany is expected to take France’s side.

3 thoughts on “Bitter French Minister threatens to TORPEDO Brexit – Protocol talks due to cancelled submarine contract.

  1. That is fine, let the corrupt Frogs torpedo the Protocol, save the UK doing it. Let it cost the Frogs mega bucks so they have to go begging, let them come begging to the UK for handouts, then we can tell them to FO and give them a much needed kick in the head. The Frog politicians are as corrupt as hell, every one of them. They think the world owes them everything, yet we and the world owe them nothing. Just to be generous, we could donate a few pots of Yellow Gloss Paint, they know what it is used for , they have plenty of experience and knowledge.

  2. Who gives a care about the French government. They are the most petulant bunch ever. It was their treatment of the UK over Brexit that we went with AUKUS. They just to thick to see it.

  3. How can you trust this French President after what he has said and talked down to us in the UK, in the sub issue that life it is down to the country how they send their money not the French and the EU. So get a life

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