France threatens to scuttle EU-Australia trade talks amid mounting resentment over the snubbed submarine contract.

After Canberra reneged on a contract for French-built submarines, Paris has indicated it may obstruct future discussions between Brussels and Canberra. Instead, Australia agreed to a new agreement to buy nuclear-powered warships with Britain and the United States. France’s hardline Europe minister, Clement Beaune, warned future negotiations between the EU and Australia would be “unthinkable” as a result of the feud.

According to him, there was a breakdown in trust between Brussels and Canberra, and the negotiations could not go on as usual. Keeping one’s word is a requirement of trust between democracies and between allies, according to Mr Beaune, a key ally of President Emmanuel Macron.

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“It is unthinkable to move forward on trade negotiations as if nothing had happened with a country in 1which we no longer trust.”

While the European Commission is in charge of trade negotiations on behalf of EU member states, each deal must be signed off on by the 27 national capitals before it can go into effect.

Paris has had a history of undermining EU trade discussions due to its objections. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations with the United States were derailed in 2016 due to Francois Hollande’s actions as President of France. Furthermore, Mr Macron recently walked away from the Mercosur accord with South American nations.

The signature of the so-called AUKUS agreement between Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom has enraged France. As tensions rise, the French capital has summoned its ambassadors from the United States and Australia. On the other hand, the French refused to remove their senior diplomat from London, stating that Britain is a “fifth wheel on the coach” under the new security agreement.

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Le Drian, France’s foreign minister, mocked Britain’s stance and accused it of “permanent opportunism.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made an attempt to defuse the diplomatic crisis by reminding President Macron that the United Kingdom’s “love for France is ineradicable.

In response to his fury, Mr Johnson said that the new Defense Pact is ‘not meant to be exclusionary’ nor does France ‘not meant to be exclusionary.’
The Baltic states are home to the largest present Nato deployment, he explained.
“British troops, French troops side by side; there are no two sets of armed forces that are more capable of integration together and working side by side.”

“Our love of France is ineradicable and what I would say is this AUKUS is not in any way meant to be zero-sum, it is not meant to be exclusionary, it is not something I don’t think anything needs to worry about and particularly not our French friends.”

Australian officials have also justified the country’s decision to abandon a $26 billion contract with France to buy 12 submarines. Premier Scott Morrison has stated that he does not regret putting Australia’s national interest above all else. According to him, there was no dishonesty in the lead-up to signing the agreement with the French government.

According to Morrison, there would have been every reason to believe that the Attack-class submarine’s capability would not be sufficient to protect our national interests.

“We had made very clear that we would be making a decision based on our strategic national interest.”

7 thoughts on “France threatens to scuttle EU-Australia trade talks amid mounting resentment over the snubbed submarine contract.

  1. There is absolutely no trust between the cesspit and any country, not even their own members trust them. As for the Frogs, nobody who has half ounce of common sense would trust them, especially bell ends like Beaune and Macaroon. Every time they open their traps they want to cause trouble for somebody.

    if they do not want the cesspit to speak with Australia, that is fine with Australia, it is also fine with the UK. Australia is a very close alli of Australia anyway, so they can count on the support of the UK. I am sure Australia will not miss being shafted by the cesspit, just as we do not. Let this pair of bell ends as well as the cesspit continue to stick the knife in, it will eventually head back their way and the Frogs will get nothing from any independent country. they will only get the dregs from what the German High Command want to give them. The sooner the French people get rid of this pair of bell ends, the better, perhaps then France can get back to some kind of reality and normality. Kick this pair of useless bell ends where it hurts most.

  2. What sort of a huge bell end are u. UK wants to break a treaty and now ur encouraging aus do the same. Ur a brexit twat and ur kinds days are numbered. Enjoy ur xenophobic lifestyle idiot

    1. As it happens, it is the EU that are breaking the treaty on NI. If they implemented the treaty as written and intended, then there would not be a problem, but because it is not 100% watertight for the cesspit, then they will, just as they always have, interfere and interpret words completely differently to as intended, even though they were party to those words.
      If you had any knowledge of the cesspit, of which it is obvious you do not, you would know what they are like, you would know they interfere with the written word, you will know they interfere with treaties, you will know about the in-depth corruption you would have a knowledge of everything. As you have absolutely no knowledge and you are not prepared to get your head down and learn, then you cannot be helped, but do not even think about trying to convert my in-depth knowledge and experience to thinking the cesspit is good for anything or anybody. It most certainly is not.
      As for the Frogs, not one Frog Government has ever been a friend of the UK, they all have considered they are far better than anybody else, they have always considered they are number one. Well, you can go around with your head between your legs if you so wish, but you will never ever change my opinion of the current mob of Frogs. I do not like them, the majority of decent British people do not like them and the more opportunities that arise to give them a bloodied nose, as well as the EU as a whole, then we must grab every opportunity and ensure they feel every single punch. Macron, Beaune and others are a total bell ends, and sorry to say this, you cannot be much better if you think they are the bees knees. But look at the reasons for why the contract was ripped -up. Again, look, listen and learn. We never encouraged Australia to do anything, they are a free country, they have their own elected MP’s, they have their own ideas and policies. Anybody even thinking of buying outdated warships must be totally brainless. On top of this, Aus were telling the Frogs to pull their finger out, the Frogs wanted more money, never mind the contract in place.

    1. From Ireland, that says it all then really. Conned by Merkel and Juncker, being shafted by the cesspit, yet still think the cesspit is the bees knees, yet still needs the UK to transport its goods and wants the UK to continue buying their goods. As far as I am concerned, the ROI can be cut adrift and leave the UK including NI to live in peace. Let the cesspit continue to shaft the Irish, see how long the cosy relationship lasts before somebody wakes up and starts to tell the truth, that Ireland were lied to, the referendum result was interfered with by Merkel and Juncker. Continue with your dream, you may wake up one day.

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