Following additional Insulate Britain protests in Hertfordshire this morning, 29 people were arrested. Early this morning, Herts police were alerted to reports of demonstrators near M25 junction 18 (Chorleywood), with several of them stuck to the carriageway. The road has been partially reopened after 13 persons have been arrested. 

Protesters from Insulate Britain gathered on the A1 highway last week (M) 

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Just after 8 am, police were alerted to complaints of protestors near the A1’s junction 4 (Stanborough Interchange) (M). Another 16 persons were apprehended, the majority of whom were stuck to the carriageway as well. There is a detour in place. 

Supt Nick Caveney (Ch Supt) said: “Protestors have made it clear that they intend to continue causing disruption. Not only is purposely blocking a highway incredibly dangerous, it also affects thousands of members of the public who are stuck in delays as a result.

“We have robust plans in place in order to minimise any disruption and to allow us to make arrests as quickly as we possibly can. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring areas that have been identified as possible protest targets.”

“Officers were on the scene within minutes of being alerted to protest activity, allowing us to put diversions in place to ease the traffic and to make numerous arrests. All protestors involved in this morning’s protests have been arrested and will be taken to custody.”

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“We are working closely with other affected forces to ensure that any further activity is dealt with effectively and efficiently.”

“I understand and appreciate the frustration regarding the considerable delays and inconvenience that has occurred as a result of the protests.”

“We have now made a total of 76 arrests in relation to protest activity across Hertfordshire over the last week. Please be assured that a full investigation is underway, and we are in the process of gathering evidence in order to ensure that those breaking the law are brought to justice.”

Last week 18 protestors were arrested in one morning for protests at junction 1 of the A1M and junction 23 of the M25.

2 thoughts on “ECO Extremist SHUTDOWN M25 – ARRESTS MADE

  1. Arrest all of these headcases and ensure that there is a Crown Court set-up ready for them. Once there, they should be found guilty and at the direction of the PM, they must all be fined the absolute maximum for each identified criminal offence. They must also be forced to pay compensation to every person they have disrupted and the full costs of police and everything else. Give them 7 days to pay, if they do not pay within 7 days, then the fines and compensation double. That includes the numpty students who should be at college/university learning. Kick them off of the course they are supposed to be doing, expel them from the college/university and make sure they pay back every penny they have had from the Student Loans Company plus interest and ensure they never ever obtain a place at another college/university.

    As for the silver surfers, stop their pensions and make them find a job, street sweepers are required, dustmen are required, drivers are required. No excuses. Harsh, absolutely, these idiots have got to be taught a lesson a very harsh lesson, they will not disrupt the country or people going about their lawful business because their pea brain has dreamt some rubbish up.

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