LEFT ON LEFT PROTEST – Expelled Hard-Left Corbyn supporters are set to protest Kier Starmer at Labour Conference in Brighten.

The socialist Left are being urged to spend £34.97 on Keir Starmer cardboard cut-outs to protest the Labour leadership purge of party extremists. Defend the Left launched its ‘September protest storm on Starmer’ yesterday (Saturday, September 18) after hundreds of Corbyn loyalists were expelled from the party. 

Ahead of Labour’s annual conference in Brighton next Saturday, the hard-left activists plan a series of street rallies across the country to go after Starmer. Protesters are being told to target the offices of Starmer supporting Labour MPs where placards are to be held saying, “Stop the purge!” 

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Activists are being urged to chip in and purchase a 6ft 3in corrugated cardboard cut-out of Starmer to emphasise their message that they’ve had enough of the purge on the Left. 

A fractious internal hard-left dispute may overshadow his attempt to relaunch his leadership at the Labour conference. On the first day of the conference, left-wing delegates have planned to block a vote approving the man heading the party purge: Labour general secretary David Evans. 

Sir Keir had promised to eliminate Labour of the antisemitism that engulfed the party under Jeremy Corbyn. The Equality and Human Rights Commission ordered Labour to clean house last October after finding it had committed “unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination” under Corbyn. 

In July, Labour’s ruling National Executive banned three hard-left groups: Labour Against the Witch Hunt, Labour In Exile Network, and Resist. Hundreds of hard-left members linked with the outlawed parties were also expelled. This week, the ex-shadow chancellor and Corbyn ally John McDonnell warned that the purge was reducing Labour’s mass membership and ability to fight elections.

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