END OF BBC? – Critics of Boris Johnson are angered by his choice of new Culture and Media Minister after she labels the Broadcaster “left-wing” who hound seniors.

Best-selling author Nadine Dorries has slammed the BBC, calling it “left-wing”. The newly appointed Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport minister didn’t stop there. Nadine said the BBC also “hounded” seniors for licencing payment. Opponents slammed Boris Johnson’s decision, questioning why she was granted the post.

“She’s sold hundreds and thousands of books,” said Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. “She produces culture people actually want to see rather than some of the more crackpot schemes we’ve seen funded with taxpayers’ money.” he continued.

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Ms Dorries supports decriminalising non-payment of TV licence fees and accuses the Beeb of being “badly managed”. The Government “wants public service broadcasters to thrive”, according to a No 10 official.

Mr Johnson shuffled again yesterday. Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt became Trade Minister, while Culture Minister John Whittingdale was fired. Despite being demoted from Foreign Secretary to lead the Justice Department, No 10 stated Dominic Raab will play an “important senior role”.

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