Thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa flood into Poland, Lithuania, and other surrounding countries.

According to sources, Polish border guards stopped roughly 1000 illegal entries in just four days. Between Saturday and Tuesday, 988 penetrations were foiled, all along Poland’s Belarus border.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa have been flooding into Poland, Lithuania, and other surrounding countries as relations between Minsk and the EU deteriorate. Over the weekend, 509 unlawful crossings were attempted.

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Social media reports stated: The Border Guard had a hectic weekend. 509 illegal border-crossing attempts to Poland from Belarus. 7 illegal immigrants were detained: 5 Syrians and 2 Somalians. The rest failed, the Polish Border Guard explained online.

The Dutch authorities also investigated the smuggling of people from Iran to Egypt and the Netherlands. Five Syrians having residency permits in Belgium and Germany were also arrested.
On Monday, 249 attempted border crossings were foiled.

Eleven Iraqis and one Congolese were arrested. Polish officials captured over 2,700 unlawful crossings via Belarus last year, with the majority occurring recently.

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Poland just began erecting a 180 km fence with Belarus. The spike in migrant movement began after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko vowed to let illegal immigrants and drugs into Europe earlier this year.

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