Priti Patel calls for “decisive action” by police against M25 climate change campaigners

On Monday and Wednesday, the demonstrators staged a sit-in on stretches of the M25, causing massive traffic jams. One of the demonstrators’ barriers is responsible for a four-vehicle pileup that resulted in a 50-year-old woman being evacuated to the hospital.

The public and lawmakers are criticising the police for failing to stop the demonstrators from carrying out their actions.

In a video obtained by the Daily Telegraph, a cop appears to be assisting demonstrators in crossing the M25 at junction 25 to assume their seats for the sit-in protest.
“They must uphold the law and take decisive action,” Ms Patel said, while extending the police the Government’s full support.

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“This kind of disruption is dangerous and takes police away from communities where they are needed most.”

“This Government will not stand by and allow a small minority of selfish protesters to cause significant disruption to the lives and livelihoods of the hard-working majority,” she continued.

The Metropolitan Police Department justified its actions, claiming that it carried out a “dynamic risk assessment” to avoid demonstrators harming themselves.
A Met spokesperson informed the Daily Telegraph in response to the video evidence: “We are aware of video footage showing an officer deployed as part of our response to the protests on the M25 on Wednesday, 15 September.”

“The footage shows a portion of the entire interaction between the officers and protesters, and not the entirety of the police intervention. “

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Given concerns that the demonstrators were planning to join a fast-moving road, putting themselves and others in danger, the officer conducted a dynamic risk assessment.

“In doing this, the protesters were moved to a safe area where they were arrested shortly after.”

Insulate Britain’s Fiona Atkinson told BBC Three Counties Radio that her members took action after becoming angry with the Government’s lack of action on house insulation.
“What we haven’t been able to do, pressure groups is get the government to act,” she said.

“As soon as the government say they are going act, we’ll get off the road.”
Downing Street denied it was failing to take the issue seriously.
“We are investing £1.3bn this year alone to support people to install energy efficiency measures, and our upcoming Heat and Buildings Strategy will set out how we decarbonise the nation’s homes in a way that is fair, practical and affordable,” a spokeswoman said.

2 thoughts on “Priti Patel calls for “decisive action” by police against M25 climate change campaigners

  1. First and foremost, no government regardless of what colour are answerable to these numpties of pressure groups that are not even worth listening to in the first place. Secondly, the police should not be doing risk assessments, they should go in and arrest them all for public disorder as well as obstruction and trespass on a motorway. It is becoming more and more evident, the police are bowing to these wasters claims. If the police are not going to uphold the law, then those responsible regardless of it is the Chief Constable or whatever rank, must be dismissed. They are there to do a job, if they are not going to do that job they are employed to do, then they must be relived of their duties.

    Every last one of these numpties of protesters must be arrested, taken to court on as many charges as can be put, found guilty, because they are guilty, not only fined the absolute maximum permissible, they must also be forced to pay full compensation for the disruption they have caused. Regardless if it is £1000k or £100,000k, they must be forced to compensate the country.

    They want me a judge, they will not be demonstrating again. They have got to be dealt with in the severest possible way.

  2. If it wasn’t house insulation it would have been another excuse for these imbec1les to demonstrate ,l they are like children being naughty because they can be.

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