One in Five who are staying illegal in the EU are actually deported.

A recent analysis finds that less than one in five illegal aliens from outside Europe heed legal orders to leave the EU. The European Court of Auditors concluded that just 19% of non-European “irregular migrants” facing deportation actually depart or are removed. 

The EU returns system’s flaws encourage irregular migration, the research says. Every year since 2008, over 500 000 foreign nationals have been ordered out of the EU for entering or remaining without authorization. 

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But just a third have returned to a third nation (29 percent in 2019). Returns to non-European nations have an effective return rate below 20%. The actual retuns are split almost evenly between voluntary and enforced. Removing illegal migrants from EU countries can be challenging due to a lack of political will. 

For example, a Tunisian man accused of intentionally destroying 38 cars in Belgium was recently released by police and forced to leave the country but due to coronavirus travel restrictions he never left. According to the Belgian Immigration Office, just 8.5% of migrants asked to leave the country really depart.

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  1. And here we all are in the K being told by the baby Frogs and the lying thieving fraudster von der Leyen that the EU is absolutely 100% perfect. Just proves that the cesspit is not 100% perfect and is even more fallible than the UK, despite all their assistance in pushing the world’s waste to the UK, with the baby Frogs assistance.

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