Remoaner Soubry criticises Boris Johnsons Reshuffle… his team lacks “competence.”

Anna Soubry, a former Tory MP, reacted against her former colleagues last night, claiming that the Prime Minister’s Cabinet reshuffle lacked competence. 

On Wednesday night’s programme of BBC Newsnight, Anna Soubry, 64, clashed with former Conservative colleague Charles Walker, 54, over Boris Johnson’s Cabinet reshuffle. 

The ex-Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, who served as a junior minister under David Cameron’s administration, claimed credit for the reshuffled Cabinet. 

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“Let’s try and root this in the real world, shall we?,” she asked. 

“We’ve got Brexit, and Covid and the fall-out from that, and then climate change to deal with.” 

The public seems unconcerned about the composition of the Cabinet. 

“What they want is competence and they want good Government and they want people who know what they’re doing and they want people with some big ideas to sort out the crises we are in.” 

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“When you look at this Cabinet,” she continued, “I struggle to find anybody in it who can match up to what this country needs at the moment.” 

Ms Soubry went on to say that Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi’s move to Education Secretary was a “very good appointment.” 

However, the Europhile ex-MP went on to criticise Dominic Raab, who had been ousted and replaced by Nadine Dorries. 

“The farce over Dominic Raab speaks volumes.” Soubry stated of the Esher & Walton MP. 

“He wasn’t good enough to be Foreign Secretary” she continued, “but apparently he is good enough to be Deputy Prime Minister and, in the event of anything happening to Boris Johnson, to be Prime Minister.” 

But it was Ms Dorries on whom Soubry was especially harsh. 

The former Broxtowe MP stated the Culture Secretary was “not up to the job” and that he couldn’t make it as a “bag carrier” under David Cameron or Theresa May. 

Since Boris Johnson’s victory in the 2019 Tory Party leadership election, Mr Raab had served as Prime Minister’s Foreign Secretary. 

He is now the Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 

Nadine Dorries, the Minister of State for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Patient Safety, was also promoted to become the UK’s tenth Culture Secretary in as many years as part of the reshuffle.

“The farce over Dominic Raab speaks volumes,” Soubry stated of the Esher & Walton MP.

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