UK taxpayer will contribute to asylum centres in France to host migrants in the hopes of reducing illegal Channel crossings.

As part of the £54 million aid package promised by the government to combat the record spike in Channel migrants, Britain would contribute to funding a network of asylum receiving centres in France.

The Home Office seeks to help fund centres in France that will house migrants intercepted before crossing the Channel, preventing them from attempting to reach the UK in tiny boats again.

The centres will allow the French to take migrants away from the beaches of the north coast to request asylum in France or a “safe” third European nation they have previously been through.

Migrants are known to undertake several efforts to cross the Channel after being told by smuggling groups that it will take three or four attempts to reach the United Kingdom. MPs protest that the French release migrants arrested on beaches unless smugglers can be apprehended on the spot.

The multi-million-pound scheme is comparable to the EU’s £5 billion contracts with Turkey to return migrants repatriated from Greece, which has used the “push back” techniques that Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, intends to implement across the Channel.

The plan, however, is being hampered by a verbal spat between Britain and France over the French inability to prevent further migrants from fleeing the beaches and France’s refusal to return those detained or “pushed back” by Border Force vessels.

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