Priti Patel gets slammed on TalkRADIO. “It is always hot air and talk.”

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has been asked to act on illegal immigration and to carry out a £200 million proposal to assemble an armada to prevent asylum seekers from crossing the English Channel.

Priti’s current plan to come down hard on people traffickers was discussed on TalkRADIO with social analyst Steve Law, who noted that record numbers of migrants had attempted the perilous trip this year. 

In an interview with TalkRADIO, Mr Law stated: “She is always saying that she is going to get tough, and she is going to do this, and she is going to do that.”

“It doesn’t really mean anything unless she is actually putting actions into it.”

“It is always hot air and talk.”

“There is never any substance to what she is saying.”

It comes as the Home Secretary is encouraged to rip up the “£54 million cheques” that the UK government gives to French authorities in an effort to reduce the number of migrants trying to cross the Channel. 

Tim Loughton, a member of the Home Affairs Committee, told Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRADIO earlier this week that the money was just “paying for failure” because the French border police had failed to stop boats from entering UK waters.

On TalkRADIO, Mr Loughton said: “I have a great deal of sympathy with the Home Secretary here, and I am glad she is stepping up what she is saying.”

“I very much hope that she doesn’t just threaten to withdraw the £54 million we are giving to the French, that she tears up the cheque.

“Because we are paying for failure.”

“The problem is that ultimately the solution and most of the cards are in the hands of the French.”

“It is their failure properly to stop people getting into the water in the first place into these boats”.

“Despite all the extra resources and joint security cooperation, we have offered them.”

“Then their refusal to intercept those boats when they are in French territorial waters and take the occupants back to France.”

“If they were to do that and the message got out that of you pay £3,000 -£4,000 to a people smuggler, you are going to end up back where you started in France, so don’t even try it.”

Mr Loughton added: “Then this trade would dry up almost overnight.

“That is what the French have got to do. I am afraid that is the bottom line problem.”

2 thoughts on “Priti Patel gets slammed on TalkRADIO. “It is always hot air and talk.”

  1. How about actually targeting the wasters of Whitehall, the corrupt mandarins and the incompetent civil servants, they are the real issue. Priti Patel is doing the best she can under the circumstances, she is constantly watching her back for the knives that are aimed at her by these corrupt and incompetents, she is constantly arguing with them to actually get on a do the work they are employed to do in a competent manner and on time as directed. Yet these corrupt and incompetents, just like in every government department put their own interests and back pockets first second and the ministers/government come a poor third.
    It is a great pity that the PM, as the only person that can dismiss the corrupt mandarins, does not actually start to dismiss them, or put so much pressure on them, they resign. However, people are very critical of Patel and others because they do not know, they are ignorant of the process and actually who holds the power, sadly it is not the MP’s or the Ministers.

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