Johnson, Biden and Morrison are to make an address tonight announcing a new joint national security partnership.

According to Australian media, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom are expected to announce a new trilateral security partnership that will see Australia scrap a multi-billion dollar programme to build French-designed submarines in favour of a nuclear-powered fleet built with US and British technology. 

According to ABC News in Australia, which provided no sources, Australia intends to replace its existing Collins class submarines with a model better suited to the deteriorating strategic environment using American and British technology. 


It said the new three-nation security alliance, dubbed AUKUS, would be perceived as an effort by China to undermine its regional influence, particularly in the disputed South China Sea. 

According to Politico, US President Joe Biden wants to announce a plan on Wednesday to share advanced technologies with Britain and Australia in a working group as part of efforts to challenge China. 

Biden is scheduled to deliver a national security talk at 5 pm Washington (10pm UK time), but the White House has not released any specifics. 

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