Rochdale grooming gang convict complains in deportation court case that he’s dissatisfied surviving on his son’s benefits.

At an immigration hearing, a guy who was a member of a grooming group that preyed on vulnerable young girls expressed his dissatisfaction with his treatment in the United Kingdom.

At a tribunal hearing to deport him back to Pakistan, Adil Khan, 51, said he was “surviving” on benefits. Khan and another gang member, 52-year-old Qari Abdul Rauf, were sentenced to prison in 2012 for running a child sexual exploitation ring in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Both men are contesting their deportation decisions.

Khan and Rauf, who held dual UK-Pakistani citizenship, were previously advised that they would be deported to Pakistan for the public good after being convicted of a series of heinous sex offences. Khan got a 13-year-old girl pregnant but denied being the father, then met a 15-year-old girl and used violence to traffic her to others when she objected.

In 2012, he was sentenced to eight years in prison and was freed four years later on probation. Khan complained about not having any rights in the UK at an immigration tribunal hearing to address his case.

He claimed, speaking via a Mirpuri translator: “But I cannot exercise any rights in this country as an individual. I cannot do anything for my family, I’m just surviving on my son’s benefits.”

“I cannot take my son to school if it is raining, we cannot afford a taxi.”

“The police informed me about a month ago that they have cancelled my driver’s licence, according to the Home Office instructions.”

The tribunal was “to decide whether the Home Office decision to deport you back to Pakistan is right or wrong, in-law”, according to Judge Nehar Bird, who presided over the case. Rauf, a father of five, trafficked a 15-year-old girl for sex, bringing her to remote spots in his cab to have sex with her and ferrying her to a flat in Rochdale where he and others had sex with her as well.

He was sentenced to six years in prison and was freed in November 2014 after serving two years and six months. The tribunal heard the men’s appeal on two grounds, the first of which was the problem of “statelessness.” Both men have papers from the Pakistani government stating that they have officially renounced their Pakistani citizenship.

However, this was only done in September 2018, after they had been stripped of their British citizenship, and the documents’ legitimacy and legality under Pakistani law are in issue. Under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, their rights will be considered in the second ground of appeal, which will be heard independently. The hearing has been postponed until November 29.

3 thoughts on “Rochdale grooming gang convict complains in deportation court case that he’s dissatisfied surviving on his son’s benefits.

  1. Absolutely disgraceful. The pair should be castrated without any medication to kill the pain. Never mind about their human rights, they never considered the human rights of the youngsters they used and abused.
    Once they have been castrated, then immediately deport them, they are illegal aliens in the UK and have absolutely no right to anything in the UK. Just get rid of this scum and all of their followers, every last one of them.
    A far better and cheaper option, put the scum up against a wall and shoot them then drop their bodies in the deepest part of the ocean.
    This is what the UK have had to put up with for years, thanks to the open door policy of Bliar and his crooked mates. The absolute scum of the earth, that even Pakistan do not want, they are the absolute waste of everything, cannot get any lower than this absolute scum.
    Never mind about taking this waste to court and then being given a pathetic sentence and early release, just deport the scum in the rags they wear. Exactly the same goes for all of the criminal fraternity of this breed. Kick the lot out of the UK once and for all. We have more than enough human waste of our own, yet alone taking that from other countries.
    They make my blood boil and they would to any decent citizen and parent.

  2. tese child grooming gangs sould be hung they are never deported and continues thier lives in luxury taking money and homes and the bloody nerve to use our nhs bring back haning or the electic chair these people have ruined many peoples lives and dont deserve to continue with thiers

  3. It is disgusting that these two men have any rights at all in this country and I guess where paying for this along with all their families. I am seething 😡

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