“I simply won’t be locked down again under any circumstances.” Nigel Farage reacts to Boris Johnson’s speech.

Nigel Farage was enraged at the prospect of the UK going into winter lockdown after what Boris Johnson said during today’s press conference

Nigel Farage, the host of GB News, has stated categorically that he will not be locked down again under any circumstances. When speaking on GB News, Mr Farage reacted to Boris Johnson’s latest announcement on the Government’s winter coronavirus programme. On balance, Mr Farage praised Mr Johnson and his Government for their preparation and the Prime Minister’s rational arguments.

He went on to suggest, however, the country should learn to live with coronavirus.

Mr Farage stated, “Personally, I can’t bear the thought of further restrictions. This has now been going on for 18 months.”

“If we start to get more restrictions, who is to say that it won’t go on for two, three, four or five years.”

“I think we have simply got to learn to live with this virus.

“I do understand that as a Government, they have to prepare for all eventualities.”

“For me, I simply won’t be locked down again under any circumstances.”

“Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that.”

“I hope that you agree with me that Boris Johnson was actually very together and really quite logical in the arguments he was making whether you like them or not.”

The Prime Minister reaffirmed during the news conference that he and his Government were determined to keeping to plan A in the fight against coronavirus. The public was expected to be responsible and receive their vaccines, and use a mask when necessary.

Mr Johnson responded, “The vaccines have made a huge difference in reducing mortality.”

“The ratio of cases to serious disease and death is vast.”

“We are continuing to advise everybody to be sensible and responsible.”

“Plan A, what we are doing at the moment, is telling people to think about using a face covering while in a confined space and for meeting people you don’t know.”

“Wash your hands, use ventilation, get a test and stay at home if you feel unwell.”

“These are very important restrictions that I think are part of the ways we behave responsibly.”

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