‘We’re expendable!’ Paisley erupts in anger at Boris Johnson’s Government for destroying the NI economy.

According to Ian Paisley Jr., the DUP’s support has been eroded by the Government’s “expendable” treatment of Northern Ireland as part of the Brexit process.

The furious son of the party’s founder utterly destroyed Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Government for the devastating impact of the Brexit protocol, claiming the move costs Northern Ireland an eye-watering “£850million a year” to administer, following disastrous polling that has seen support for the Democratic Unionist Party dwindle to a measly 13 percent support. People have lost faith in the Unionist Party, which his father, Ian Paisley, formed in 1971, as a result, he explained.

“Unfortunately, because of our period of time supporting the Government which we would have hoped delivered Brexit on the same terms as the rest of the United Kingdom…” Mr Paisley told Nigel Farage on GB News.

“Suddenly find that Northern Ireland was expendable!”

People want Brexit to work, so we’ve reached the end of the punishment.

“Even those who didn’t vote for it, they still want a deal that works for them.”

He went on to say that administering the protocol costs Northern Ireland an incredible “850 million a year” and that it is “ruining the economy of Northern Ireland.”
The DUP MP claimed that the protocol would devastate Northern Ireland’s economy in general, not simply the Unionist sector.

Mr Paisley went on to demand that the government “fix this,” expressing his outrage at the position in which the protocol has left Northern Ireland.
When asked about the issues resulting from the protocol, the Northern Irishman replied, “Where do you start?”

1 thought on “‘We’re expendable!’ Paisley erupts in anger at Boris Johnson’s Government for destroying the NI economy.

  1. Support his comments 100%. Boris Johnson and the unelected and unelectable corrupt mandarins and wasters civil servants have totally destroyed the credibility of the UK. All because the corrupt and incompetents are more interested in the cesspit than the UK, and Johnson is frightened out of his mind what these corrupt and incompetents will do to him and his cronies and the country as a whole.
    We all know what a bunch of corrupt and incompetent wasters the civil servants of Whitehall are, we also know how incompetent the majority of the civil servants in every government department are. We have been made very aware what these corrupt and incompetents have done and will do so as to ensure they get their way.
    It is not only Johnson who is a waste of space and cannot be trusted, it is every one of these corrupt and incompetent civil servants. Siding with the cesspit and feeding the cesspit information that they have absolutely no right to share with anybody.

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