Frost warns the EU, “They would be making a significant mistake if they thought that we were not ready to use Article 16.”

On Monday, David Frost, the UK’s Brexit minister, said that the European Union must move forward in negotiations over Northern Ireland’s economic arrangements, or Britain will unilaterally suspend the so-called “protocol.”

In order to maintain an open land border with EU member state Ireland, Britain decided to leave some EU rules in place in Northern Ireland and allow checks on goods arriving from elsewhere in the UK under the protocol.

The United Kingdom has requested “substantial and significant change” in areas like goods movement into Northern Ireland, products standards, governance mechanisms, and a treaty structure that the European Court of Justice does not oversee.

If the EU does not act, Frost has warned of “cold mistrust” in ties, but Frost’s EU counterpart, Maros Sefcovic, rejected the idea of renegotiating the deal on Friday.

Frost highlighted the possibility of invoking the protocol’s “Article 16,” which allows either party to opt-out of its conditions if they are proven to be unreasonably detrimental.

“They would be making a significant mistake if they thought that we were not ready to use Article 16 safeguards, if that were to be the only apparent way forward to deal with the situation in front of us,” he added in the House of Lords.

“If we are to avoid this situation, there needs to be a real negotiation between us and the EU.”

Last week, the United Kingdom announced plans to extend post-Brexit grace periods on some goods imports to Northern Ireland, allowing London and Brussels more time to discuss trade with the province.

Frost stated that there must be room for discussions.

“I don’t, in fact, take Commissioner Sefcovic’s words as a dismissal of our position, I take them as acknowledgement of it,” Frost remarked.

“But I also take it as a fairly clear indication that there is more to be done. So I do urge the EU to think again.”

1 thought on “Frost warns the EU, “They would be making a significant mistake if they thought that we were not ready to use Article 16.”

  1. Stop the talking with the cesspit, they are running circles around Frost in the absolute knowledge he or Johnson have not got the guts to invoke Article 16. It was acknowledged back in March/April that the end of the road had been reached and Article 16 was the only option. Here we are the middle of September and still nothing has been done and still Frost keeps waffling.
    Stop the waffle, cease all contact and invoke Article 16, then and only then will they start to sit up and think and start to either act or walk away. Northern Ireland is too important to them for them to walk away. They have unfinished business with the UK, they wish to continue the punishment program regardless of how pathetic and childish it is, they also want to lever NI away from the UK.
    If they walked away, they would admit defeat and it is even more power the German High Command have lost. They lose their quest for NI, not that they want it, it is more to do with breaking the UK, it would also remove their power to have their feet on our soil and the power to punish the UK.
    So, the only option is for Boris Johnson to invoke Article 16. Never mind what the corrupt mandarins have to say, they should have absolutely no say in what happens in the UK, ensure they do what they are employed to do. But, Article 16 is the only way forward.

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