Reform UK leader slams Boris Johnson – “How can you trust a word these people say?”

In a rant on TalkRADIO, the current Reform UK leader Richard Tice slammed Boris Johnson and his Government over hitting small businesses and Tradespeople with a tax increase to National Insurance and dividends.

Richard Tice questioned how the money from the biggest Tax increase in 60 years would reduce waiting lists and how it would be implemented. The Political leader even stated the current Government doesn’t have any guarantees that show the money raised will reduce hospital waiting lists and keep them low.

Tice said: “we discover when you look at the detail that actually for the first three years, almost all of the money is going into trying to reduce the waiting lists on their NHS. No guarantees at all, that the waiting list will reduce, no discussion about the reforms necessary in order to get the waiting list down, and then to keep them down.”

Tice then questions trust in the current Tory Government, asking: “How can you trust a word these people say? It’s quite extraordinary.”

“Vaccine passports. They said at the beginning of the year, they weren’t going to have them. And then they’d been saying for months, we are going to have them. And now we hear this morning, they’re not going to have them.”

“So what will it be next week? Would it be half in half out? Half of you have them? Half of you don’t have them. Do you trust a single word? This Government says”


When you look at the base level problem that Boris has, it does come down to trust. If you promise to do something and then revert, the promise, only to revert back again, you can’t blame people for not trusting the Government.

What’re your thoughts on this? Do you believe and have faith in Boris Johnson?

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