PROTOCOL – Loyalist activist warns “people are fed up with the hostile Irish Government.”

Editor of the Unionist Voice warned against fully implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol, saying it would cause “chaos on the streets”.

Jamie Bryson, who is a loyalist activist, has stated the NI Protocol could cause a “serious threat to peace and security” in Northern Ireland. Bryson went on to say the current agreement between UK and EU equates to the “colonisation” of NI by the EU.

This anger from Loyalists and Unionists arrives from the current status of NI within the United Kingdom.

In the Express, Mr Bryson said: “There would be chaos on the streets of Northern Ireland.”

“I mean, it would be the colonisation and the subjection of Northern Ireland within an economically united Ireland.”

“I think people are fed up with the hostile Irish Government.”

“So I mean it would be crazy, the protocol has it sits at the minute is a serious threat to peace and security in Northern Ireland.”

“I mean if the notion was that the answer to that was more protocol.”
“I mean, it would just be extraordinarily naive.”


It was only last week when the DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson set out his seven redlines warning the government that he would crash the Stormont agreement if the protocol weren’t scrapped or massively changed.

1 thought on “PROTOCOL – Loyalist activist warns “people are fed up with the hostile Irish Government.”

  1. There should never have been a Northern Ireland protocol. Northern Ireland is an integral part of the UK and should have been treated as such not used as a bargaining tool to stay in the single market. British troops died so that NI would stay part of the UK, it’s time article 16 was activated and the whole idiotic protocol was scrapped. If the EU want a hard border let them build one on the Irish side of the border.

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