Brexiteer labels Remainers at who hijacked the BBC’s Last Night of the Proms – “FLAGSHA**ERS!”

Remainiac MEP and supporter of the EU superstate Guy Verhofstadt has been labelled a FlagSh***er by a Brexiteer who reacted to Guy boasting about seeing the hijacking of BBC Last Night of the Proms by remoaners who flew the EU flag in protest to leaving the EU.

The Eurofedralist spoke of his delight seeing hundreds of EU flags flying during the BBC programme at the Royal Albert Halls.

It was found that Anti-EU activists ‘Thank EU for the music’ pre-organised to target the event to keep the spark for rejoining the EU alive. It was said they were handing out the flags while people were walking into the event.

Verhofstadt wrote: “Lovely indeed to see so many European flags during the night of the Proms…” to which the Brexiteer commented, “but but but… Flagsha**ers”
Following up with a picture of a blue flag with clown faces for the stars saying ”They love it really“.