SHOW SOME RESPECT – Government Minister Slams Churchill Fellowship for erasing Winston Churchill’s name.

Yesterday, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden took to the airwaves on LBC to blast ‘The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust’, now known as ‘The Churchill Fellowship’ after they erased Winston first name from the Charity title.

The newly named Churchill fellowship replaced the Wartime PM’s historic achievement with a statement condemning Churchill’s thoughts. The Charity also stated the name change was to stop confusion with what the Charity does.

Though Churchill’s Grandson said his family was entirely behind the move to change the name, those in Parliament were not pleased with the move.

Mr Dowden told LBC: “I found it quite extraordinary, and I’ve read their explanation, and they say various reasons for this.”

“But the bottom line means you look at the website before and after, and there’s a lot less Churchill on it after than there was before.”

“And I do really worry [about this], and you see this in relation to many charities that they pander to a noisy woke brigade who are trying to challenge all aspects of our history.”

“They would not have the freedom to make these kinds of decisions were it not for Churchill in the first place.”

A spokesperson for the prime minister labelled what happened as “completely absurd, misguided and wrong to airbrush his giant achievements and service to this country, and the trust should think again”.

They continued: “The prime minister has always been clear that whilst it’s legitimate to examine Britain’s history, we should aim to educate people about all aspects of our complex past, both good and bad, and not erase them.”

“We need to focus on addressing the present and not attempt to rewrite the past and get sucked into the never-ending debate about which well-known historical figures are sufficiently pure or politically correct to remain in public view.”