PODCAST – Was this the new normal that we were promised?

With the government pushing for COVID passports regardless of whether people want them or not, it does make you think. Was the new normal spoken about many months ago always the start of the push for the covid/ Health passports? Was that always the aim?

I say this because what is happening to society isn’t new, and it isn’t normal. Even if you are pro or against the vaccine, the vaccine is being used as a shield to protect scrutiny of the passports which are being forced up us, without questions being asked.


It’s a clever ploy to use fear of death and illness after what so many people have gone through, including myself, to get people onboard to back freedom through the removal of choice. When the choice is taking the vaccine, or you have no life, that isn’t a choice, it’s classed as coercion to get the required outcome. But the question remains who is pushing this and why. That is the question we should all be asking before we agree to such a massive divisive societal change.

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