Merkel left red-faced after Polish President palms off meeting with the German leader.

On the final visit to Poland before she steps down as German Chancellor, Merkel was given the cold shoulder by the Polish President Andrzej Duda.

A local news outlet reported the Polish President refused to meet up with Merkel in Warsaw on Saturday on her last trip before she steps down. The Polish President explained that he was out of town on a trip visiting Katowice that day and couldn’t meet, but some believe there’s more to this than meets the eye.


Many politicians believe the refusal to meet with the German leader was in protest against the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which Poland believes will give Russia too much leverage over the continent. This move by Germany the leader has said to have damaged relations between Berlin and Warsaw.

1 thought on “Merkel left red-faced after Polish President palms off meeting with the German leader.

  1. The cesspit has been attacking Poland for a considerable period of time and the attacking has all stemmed from Merkel as she has been the dictator behind everything.

    Even all the issues between the cesspit and the UK over NI and the Protocol, all stems from Merkel the dictator. I am very surprised she has the brass neck to go visiting to one of the last countries and members that she has so viscously attacked through the cesspit.

    However, she was found out and it has cost her the two most influential positions that she craved so much. Effectively she was dismissed by her own party and not before time. I have absolutely no doubt she will continue to pull many strings from behind the Iron Curtain, she will not just retire and fade into the background.

    Back to Poland, I can see one almighty bust up with the cesspit and the likes of von der Leyen and Sefcovic and other officials in the corrupt commission getting the absolute full force of the blast that is coming, and not before time. Then Poland will leave the cesspit and others will follow.

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