CHANNEL CRISIS – Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral slams the French: we “shouldn’t be putting up with such an irresponsible neighbour”.

In a GB News interview with Nigel Farage, Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral Chris Parry stated he would tackle the current Migrant Crisis in a very different way to the way it’s being handled currently.

The Former Royal Navy Rear Admiral’s remarks came after the current Home Secretary said she would turn Large Ribs filled with migrants back to France, only if it was safe to do so. Nigel Farage asked the former Royal Navy Rear Admiral, Chris Perry, what he would do if he were currently in charge?

Chris Parry said: “Nigel, it’s very simple. When we had a problem in Libya, We pushed down defences right up to the coast of Libya. We stop people getting in the water.”

“Obviously. It’s a bit more out of sight, out of mind there, but we have the technology to be able to detect these boats assembling on the French Coast.”

“We have the ability to be able to tell the French when they’re coming off the coast, and the French have the ability and the capacity to stop it. So there’s a political will issue.”

“There’s a technological issue, but for me, I’d have a drone up 24 hours a day in the middle of the Channel. I’d be looking into France with electro-optics with radar and intercepting mobile phone calls. And I would be saying to the French their departing from here now.”

The Admiral then said he would name and shame the French if they weren’t doing their job. Parry said: “And every time the French failed to do it, i’d name and shame them, they’ve lost control of their own offshore Zone, and we shouldn’t be putting up with such an irresponsible neighbour. This is sort of behaviour expecting a third world country, not from a major European power.”

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