Bruges Group Director told to check his “White Male Privilege” after making a case for Voter ID in future elections.

On Sky News, Naomi Smith, the CEO of Pro EU leaning ‘Best For Britain’ caused controversy after losing her temper, saying it’s typical for a “white privileged man” to ask others to show ID to vote.

This heated exchange of words was sparked after a debate was held in the Parliament yesterday regarding whether we needed to have Voter ID in place to prevent fraud in our elections.

The Best for Britain CEO verbally attacked Robert Oulds, the Director of the Conservative thinking’ Bruges group’, after Mr Oulds said it was about time we have more confidence that our elections will be secure than in previous elections.


Mr Oulds Said: “Britain’s electoral practices are outdated. They’re outmoded. Other parts of the United Kingdom already have voter ID such as Northern Ireland. It works there very well. It doesn’t suppress turnout. If we want confidence in our elections, then these measures need to go forward.”

Naomi Smith responded, saying: “Well, voter ID is one problem with this bill, and I will come back to that, but it is also really, uh, an attempt to stifle opposition to silence critics or potentially even to rig future elections.”

“When we look at the issue of voter ID, as you said, they were just a hand cases of people trying to steal somebody else’s vote the last election. So what the introduction of voter ID is much more likely to do is to deter people from voting rather than stamp out a non-existent problem.”

Sky News Adam Boulton then entered the debate, stating Voter ID wasn’t needed as voter ID fraud is such small insignificance in the election.

Mr Oulds responded, saying: “It’s best to stop the problem before it happens. In Tower Hamlets, we saw someone elected as a mayor on the basis of fraudulent votes. It’s not just in those areas. It’s also in parts of Slough, in Scotland, other parts of the United Kingdom have suffered from this. We can have election interruptions, should an election be close. They will be contested.”

CEO of Best for Britain accuses Bruges group director of having white male privilege.

Mr Oulds then hit back after the Sky News presenter tried to assert that having to show ID cards in elections would mainly hit and exclude non-Conservative voters.

Mr Oulds said: “Absolutely not. Everybody has access to ID. And of course, if they don’t, for some reason, for some strange reason that they don’t have a passport, a driving license or other forms of identification, they can get the identification from the council.”

Naomi Smith didn’t like that answer and then attacked the Bruges Group Director, bringing race and sexism into the debate.

Naomi said: “I think it’s very easy for a white privileged man to be able to make those concessions to the campaign groups that represented those marginalized people. And they are saying that this is going to create yet another barrier to accessing democracy.”

With Mr Robert Oulds knowing he had the woke lefty CEO rattled, he didn’t hold back, saying: “It’s giving individuals more power. It’s giving the right to make sure that if you are actually entitled to vote, your vote will count, and it will not be diluted by those who have harvested ballots illegally through the manipulation of our postal votes, which does happen.”