Alastair Campbell claims the National insurance hike is down to “Brexit Mismanagement”.

In an attack on Boris Johnsons Tax hike, again remoaner extraordinary Alastair Campbell went to social media to vent his anger. In typical remoaner fashion, Alastair tried to associate Brexit with the current fury over the increase to national insurance. 

Alastair said: “People are seeing right through yesterdays con”, he then threw Brexit into the mix, saying: what’s happened is a “massive tax rise to cover for economic/ Covid/ Brexit mismanagement.”

How can Alastair Campbell accuse Boris of mismanagement when he himself was part of the team that broke Britain and sent us into a costly illegal war which not only cost lives, it cost us a fortune to run. The hypocrisy of this man is unbelievable. 

1 thought on “Alastair Campbell claims the National insurance hike is down to “Brexit Mismanagement”.

  1. The only mismanagement from the UK point of view is that he and his mate the Hyena are not behind bars. Both he and Bliar should be serving time after being found guilty of war crimes. Campbell personally should be behind bars for his role in “sexing-up” the weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq that never existed. Bliar should be with him because he ordered it the lies to be sexed-up.

    As a direct result of Bush, Bliar and Camp[bell’s lies, they all have serious blood on their hands, not only of innocent civilians, but military personnel as well. The lies and the intervention have caused war in Afghanistan, and again, Bliar, Bush and Campbell have blood on their hands.

    Bliar should have got absolutely hammered by Parliament for his outrageous lies about Iraq not only to his very own cabinet, but to continuously repeat these lies in public as well, totally unacceptable, him and Bliar should be paying the ultimate price.

    As it stands, Campbell is an idiots anyway. He has proved he is not in sound mind. Maybe he has been suffering his mental illness far longer than he cares to acknowledge. Nonetheless, he is an idiots and is one of the leading members along with his pal Adonis of the EU Fanatical Society of UK, they are all head cases and will blame Brexit if they pass wind.

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