SNP’s Ian Blackford claims the majority are in favour of living life through rules of the covid passport.

Ian Blackford has said that a minority of people are against Covid Passports in a debate on LBC.

A caller asked the radio talk show if covid passports have been a disaster in France, why is there a push to introduce them into Britain?

The leader of the SNP in Westminster, Ian Blackford, stated if it means keeping people safe in mass gathering events, then Covid passports are needed. Ian claimed that a small number of people oppose covid Passports that restrict freedoms to those who are unvaccinated in the pursuit of safety.

Mr Blackford said: “I understand that there are a small number of people that are opposed to this, but we’ve got to continue to make the right decisions on public health grounds to keep people safe. And I think vaccine passports, where you have large groups of people coming together,” are needed.”

The SNP politicians then said that large gatherings had been super spreader events over the summer. Yet, those large scale events he speaks of, like Euro 2020, only accepted people that had been tested negative for covid or they had the vaccine.

Iain Dale then countered the SNP minister asking why not rid of large scale events then? Mr Blackford responded: if we do that, “then you’re back into putting restrictions on people and having elements of lockdown”.


The case to introduce freedom controlling covid passports is being pushed under the terms of safety. If vaccinated people can still spread the virus at a large scale event, then what is the point of having Covid passports in the first place?

Experts state there is less spread among the vaccinated, but spreading the virus among the vaccinated can still happen, meaning the case of using the covid passport to stop the spread falls apart.

The mainstream media will not ask this big question: Is this step to try and introduce a restrictive way of life about covid or control? So far, that question still hasn’t been answered by those in charge.

SNP’s Ian Blackford claims the majority are In favour of living life through rules of the covid passport.

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