New Polling reveals majority of Labour voters are “Ashamed” of Britain.

According to YouGov’s latest polling, more than half of Labour voters think Britain is something to be ashamed of.

According to the polling results, only 24 percent of Brits surveyed said they were proud of Britain today. 35% of those questioned thought it was something to be ashamed of, and 33% said neither.

The same poll that was asked to different political groups showed 54% of Labour voters were ashamed about Britain, followed closely by remainers with 45% of them ashamed of Britain. Only 26 percent of Leave voters felt the same about Britain, and only one-fifth of Conservative voters said they were embarrassed to be British.

This poll shows what most of Britain thinks about Labour. While Labour tries to hide their hate for Britain, when polling is put out to Labour supporters regarding their feeling towards Britain, the truth is revealed every time. This is why people do not believe Labour leader Keir Starmer when he tries to portray himself to be a patriot who loves Britain. 

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