FIGHT FOR PRIMACY – Brussels slap Poland with daily fines for not implementing EU court rulings.

Today, the EU has requested the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to slapped daily fines onto Poland unless they implement an EU Court ruling that was handed down.

EU officials charged Warsaw with failing to comply with a July court order to “immediately suspend” its punishment system for the judiciary. EU critics claim the disciplinary chamber that Poland has set up serves to silence judges who do not support the ruling Law and Justice party. Eurocrats claimed that Poland had not respected a previous Court of Justice of the European Union ruling regarding the activities of a judges disciplinary chamber.

Last month, the Polish government announced that the chamber would be disbanded in a significant overhaul of the country’s judiciary system. The announcement was not welcomed by Brussels, who instead, today, took financial action against Poland. The EU Commission Press release highlights that daily fines will be placed on the EU state unless Poland obeys EU court rulings. The daily penalties will cease when the EU court order is implemented.


The EU Commissions press release stated: “The Commission is asking the Court to impose a daily penalty payment on Poland for as long as the measures imposed by the Court’s order are not fully implemented.”

The EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders said: “I have always said that the Commission will not hesitate to take all the necessary measures to ensure the full application of EU law. In July, the Court of Justice rendered two key rulings to protect judicial independence in Poland. It is essential that Poland fully complies with these rulings. That is why the Commission, as Guardian of the Treaties, is taking action today.”

The EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen said: “Justice systems across the European Union must be independent and fair. The rights of EU citizens must be guaranteed in the same way, wherever they live in the European Union.”

In retaliation to this, Poland’s Deputy Justice Minister, Sabastian Kaleta put out his criticism on Twitter, saying: “Germany, Spain, Romania and France. These are the countries that have not recognized the judgments of the CJEU in the last two years. Romania on the judiciary. The European Commission unlawfully blocks funds in Poland and applies for penalties. These are acts of aggression. After the approval of the EU budget, the EU bodies launched an unlawful attack.”

This action by the EU is down to one aim, whose judiciary system has primacy. With Poland refusing to implement Court of Justice of the European Union rulings, the EU Commission has now decided to ask for fines to be slapped on the member state until they cave in and obey the EU.

1 thought on “FIGHT FOR PRIMACY – Brussels slap Poland with daily fines for not implementing EU court rulings.

  1. About time Poland told the corrupt commission where to stick their fines and started the ball rolling to leave the membership of the cesspit. I fail to see why any country wishes to give up its sovereignty to a bunch of unelected fanatics controlled by the German High Command and a kangaroo court which is also controlled by the German High Command.

    Why introduce a middle man when you can trade freely with other countries where prices are dictated by the products, rather than held artificially high so that the middle man makes more money out of the product than the country of origin. Poland will do well outside of the cesspit. Have they got the guts to leave the cesspit. I do not know. We can only live in hope.

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