The threshold for Article 16 has been met – Lord Frost states it’s “simply a statement of fact”

In a speech Lord Frost declared that the threshold for Article 16 implementation has been reached, saying it’s a statement of fact.

Mr Frost told the British-Irish Association that:

“What we have put on the table is workable and manageable. It may be awkward, it may be unwelcome to some.”
“It may challenge accepted ways of doing things in customs or goods standards.
“But I haven’t heard anyone say it can’t work in principle.”

With the threshold for triggering Article 16 being Met, Lord Frost declared that it is “open to the UK Government to take a range of safeguard measures on this basis” for things to move forward. Finishing saying: “That is simply a statement of fact”.

Talks are set to continue in the coming days and weeks. What’re your thoughts on this? Should the UK pull the plug and trigger article 16? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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