Eyewitnesses say over 1000 illegal migrants have been spotted in the Channel heading for Britain.

It is suggested that today we could see the highest daily number of illegal migrants to come to Britain in one day. The previous record was 828, set on 21 August 2021.

Reports suggest that there have been over 1000 illegal migrants spotted in the Channel heading for Britain today, according to eyewitnesses. If the Home Office confirms this, this will be the biggest hoard of illegal migrants to hit the shores of Britain in one day, beating the previous record set in August.

This push to Britain by illegal migrants is said to be down to calm waters and warm weather. RNLI Lifeboats and Border Force UK have been extremely busy bringing boats full of predominantly young men back to Britain. The Mainstream media have focused on the number of children arriving instead of talking about the mass majority of those coming to Britain being young males of fighting age.

Yet again, Priti Patel’s promises of stern action to stop this invasion of illegal migrants seems to be lacking the action needed to back the rhetoric.

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