Dominic Cummings reminds the Tories to remember their manifesto promise of no increase to Tax or National Insurance.

Dominic Cummings yesterday warned Boris Johnson of the consequences of Breaking promises made in a political manifesto. 

Taking to Twitter, Cummings said: “Every Tory MP stood on a manifesto promise NOT to put up income tax/NI. The PM personally guaranteed it. If you vote to break your promise you will hear, ‘you’re a LIAR…ALL THE SAME’ for years. Don’t sacrifice your reputation for the trolley. (Ps, The Vote Leave plan, was to CUT taxes!)

Since being ousted from Number Ten, Dominic Cummings has been liking Boris to a trolley, saying he’s been crashing on both sides of the isle. Regardless of what you think of cummings, Do you think he has a point reminding the PM of his promises he made in his manifesto that got him elected? 

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