Brexiteer hits back at Pro EU Professor who said the UK has “very little room for manoeuvre” due to Boris Johnson’s deal signed last December.

Boris Johnson has been warned that any manoeuvring from implementing the Agreement in Northern Ireland could mean the UK being taken to court by the EU.

Talks regarding Northern Ireland will be restarting in the coming weeks, and with no talks being held over the summer, its projected discussions might get heated.

The UK government had pushed back the requirements for checks on goods entering to and from Northern Ireland. With this extension period coming to an end, the UK is now seeking alternative solutions to avoid implementing the current unworkable agreement.

One Political Expert who supported remaining in the EU has warned about the high stakes game the UK is playing in trying to avoid implementation of such a deal, which Boris signed, calling it an oven-ready deal last December.

A Political Professor from the University of Leicester warned due to the stalemate caused by what was signed last December, the UK has “very little room for manoeuvre.” The pro-EU Professor warns Any reneging on the protocol could “impact future trade deals with other countries.”

Professor Alistair Jones told the Express: “The UK Government does not appear to be engaging with any of the issues.”

“Trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain is being hammered. Interestingly, Northern Ireland is increasing trade with the Republic of Ireland and the EU (because Northern Ireland remains in the Single Market).”

“For British businesses, as agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement and the post-Brexit trade agreement, their relationship with Northern Ireland is now like that of the EU – in effect, there is a border in the Irish Sea, erected by Boris Johnson.”

The remaining supporting Professor continued to tell the Express: “There is very little that can be done.”

“The EU is not going to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol, and definitely not the Withdrawal Agreement or the post-Brexit trade agreement.”


“This leaves the Johnson Government with very little room for manoeuvre.”

“They could simply renege on the Protocol, but this will be challenged in the courts (and I strongly suspect the UK will lose).”

“Such a reneging will have a horrendous impact on any future trade deals with other countries.”

“The whole question of trust comes into play. The fact the UK Government does not like what it negotiated and agreed is immaterial.”

“The only remaining alternative is to actually implement the Protocol properly – something which the UK Government has failed to do to date.”

Though the Professor states that the UK has not much room for manoeuvre, one comment on the Express website hit back at the doomster Professor, saying: “This remoaner has said this before. Frost can legally and unilaterally invoke Article 10 to avoid social disruption in NI. Resolution of Article 10 is in Annex 7, where there is no mention of ECJ.”

“There is another alternative, the EU agreeing equivalence on food standards.
The EU recent legal success has been poor. The EU use the ECJ to keep member states in line. It has no such effect with non-member states.”

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