Vaccines Minister confirms Covid Passports will be introduced, and parental consent will be needed for 12 – 15 yr old to be vaccinated.

According to the vaccines minister, Sky News has learned that no decision has been made about giving coronavirus jabs to all children aged 12-15 years old.

Trevor Phillips interviewed Nadhim Zahawi. He said that parents of children in this age range would have to consent to any rollout. He confirmed that large venues would receive vaccine passports – it is hoped that this will avoid further winter closures.


Concerning the question of whether vaccines should be given to healthy children aged 12-15 years old, Mr Zahawi stated that: “We have not made any decisions, so we haven’t decided not to listen to the experts.”

“On the contrary, all four ministers, the secretary of state Sajid Javid and his fellow ministers in the devolved administrations have agreed to ask the chief medical officers to convene expert groups, including the JCVI being in that, to be able to recommend which way we should go.”

The Minister also denied that he was looking for alternative advice to counter the JCVI recommendations after the JCVI said they couldn’t justify healthy 12-15 yr olds being vaccinated on a mass scale.

Minister also stated that checking the status of people’s vaccinations is “the right thing to do” in order to keep the economy open.”

When asked if he was ready to make a decision about vaccine passports, Mr Zahawi replied: “We are looking at, by the end of September when everyone has had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, for the large venues, venues that could end up causing a real spike in infections, where we need to use the certification process.”

“If you look at what the FA (Football Association) have done, they’ve done so brilliantly in terms of checking vaccine status to reopen football.”

“That is the sort of right thing to do, and we are absolutely on track to continue to make sure that we do that.”

“There’s a reason for that… the reason being is that, I, as does the prime minister, want to make sure the whole economy remains open.”

“The worst thing we can do for those venues is to have a sort of open-shut-open-shut strategy because we see infection rates rise because of the close interaction of people, that’s how the virus spreads, if people are in close spaces in large numbers we see spikes appearing.”

“The best thing to do then is to work with the industry to make sure that they can open safely and sustainably in the long term, and the best way to do that is to check vaccine status.”

What are your thoughts on this? Should vaccine passports be used knowing, it will quickly expand once the government see people accepting privileges given through your health status.

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