Residents fight back against Labour-run Wigan Council to halt the destruction of their Town Centre.

Wigan residents are currently fighting back against the Labour-run Wigan council after handing in a petition with over 5000 signatures in an attempt to halt the destruction of their market, spark a debate in council, and let the local people have their say.

A recently formed group, “Friends of Wigan Town Centre” are doing all they can not only to stop the irreversible destruction of their market, but to stop the possible death of a Historic Town Centre due to mass construction of 464 homes, a 150 room hotel, a multimedia centre, Cinema bowling alley and indoor mini-golf. There has also been a promise of a new market but with reduced capacity.

In a Manchester Evening News article on the 27th of August, a spokesperson for the newly formed Group said: “This marks the start of the campaign for us – the delivery of the first batch of petitions.”

“We’ve been able to get 5,000 in a matter of weeks, just through people who use the market and around the town.”

“What we are asking for is development to be halted. We are pro-development. We just think not in this way.”

Though the residents have the required petition threshold to spark a debate in council, the Labour-run council may start to shift goalposts using process to silence residents voices.

In a recent Wigan Council meeting on YouTube, Tory opposition leader spoke about the possible destruction of the Town Centre if the demolition of the market and galleries went ahead in the way it’s being pushed. The councillor then went on to slam the Labour run council for giving the contract to a company originating from Beijing with links to Communist China.

The firm the Socialist lead Wigan Council are using for the demolition and construction is a company called BCEGI UK, a UK Branch of the Beijing Construction Engineering Group BCEG, which is a Chinese State-owned company.

With Labour apparently so against human rights abuse, it makes you wonder why Labour Wigan Council have hired a company that originates from Bejing to do the work. The Wigan MP Lisa Nandy is also extremely quiet on this matter.

The Fight continues…

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