Lord Frost tells the EU, Britain doesn’t want “a relationship of subordination.”

David Frost meets EU

The EU has today been told that they’ll have to make “significant and substantial” changes to the Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol if they want to avoid “cold mistrust” with Britain.

On Saturday, the Former UK Brexit negotiator Lord Frost told the British-Irish Association that the UK is pressuring Brussels to compromise on the controversial NI Protocol.

Currently, Northern Ireland is unhappy after countless problems have arisen because the EU wants the problematic Brexit agreement to be fully implemented. The problems started when Boris Struck the (Oven ready deal) Brexit deal last December. Lord Frost has since said he wants changes to the agreement, as currently, the arrangement doesn’t treat the UK as an equal partner.

Lord Frost said: “The stakes are high. The arguments can be bitter.”

“And I worry this process is capable of generating a sort of cold mistrust between us and the EU which could spread across the relationship.”

“It’s holding back the potential for a new era of cooperation between like-minded states in a world which needs us to work together effectively.”

“We badly need to look reality full-on.”

“To put our arrangements here onto a more durable and sustainable footing, one that represents genuinely mutual benefit.”

“Until we do, it is going to be difficult to get the broader relationships into the right place.”

“This will require effort, commitment and creativity.”

“The current governance arrangements have to evolve to reflect the reality that this is an agreement between two sovereign and autonomous entities, not a relationship of subordination or one where one party’s rules have to be applied mechanically by the other.”

“You should be in no doubt about the centrality of this problem to our politics and to this Government.”

“The issue needs to be fixed, and we are determined to fix it.”

Though the UK PM seeks more flexibility if the EU wants the current agreement to survive, many prominent Brexiteers and Northern Ireland politicians are calling for the agreement to be scrapped in its entirety.

The EU and the UK will talk via phone next week. Since last July, it will be the first time the two sides will come together on a political level.

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