Former Irish Diplomat seeks to put a wedge between Dublin and Brussels while renewing the relationship with the UK.

Former Irish Diplomat has today slammed the current and former Irish Taoiseach.

Ray Bassett, who took to Twitter to announce that he was putting his name forward to run for the countries Seanad (the Irish version of the House of Lords), has accused the Irish leaders of prioritising the interests of the EU rather than the interests of Ireland.


The Former Irish Diplomat to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas told the Express that one of his priorities is to reset Irelands relationship with the UK and to place distance between Brussels and Dublin. Ray said the current Irish government has “lost its way”.

Mr Bassett, who supports Ireland’s exit from the EU, went on to say why he is standing for the seat in the Seanad: “I believe it was always in Ireland’s interests that the UK should be offered a good economic relationship with the EU in a wide range of fields.”

“Sometimes during Brexit, it seemed that Dublin was more concerned about looking after the interests of the people in Brussels rather than our national interests. I want to challenge that attitude.”

“I have been a constant critic of that Government and now want to give electors a choice on the way forward.”

“I want to see much better relations with Britain as a priority and a recognition that a good, mutually beneficial relationship between the EU and the UK is very much in the interests of Ireland.”

“I also hope to highlight the terrible deal Ireland gets under the Common Fisheries Policy, and I want to oppose the further transference of powers from the Irish Parliament to Brussels.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the current leadership in Ireland prioritises EU interests over the interests of Ireland? Has the current administration been a benefit to Ireland, knowing they will never stand up to Brussels? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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