Welsh Labour push to hammer motorists with a “Drive Tax” on busy roads.

Welsh motorists are outraged over labours “Driver Tax” plans. The Welsh first minister has raised the idea to stick a toll on two of the busiest roads in Wales, all in an effort to bring down air pollution.

Welsh motorists took part in a survey where they were asked if they would pay to use specific parts of the M4 and A470.

The survey did say that nothing was proposed at this stage, yet it has been suggested that from January 2023, a charge will be applied to the M4 between junction 25 and 26 and the A470 between Pontypridd and upper Boat in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew Robert Tudor Davies CBE, gave his reaction on Twitter, saying: “Labour want to introduce tolls on the M4 and A470.”

“A ‘drivers tax’ is a kick in the teeth for hardworking people and would hit the poorest in our society.”

“Another sure-fire way to continue to hold back the Welsh economy.”

The Chairman of the Conservatives in Rhondda Cynon Taf, Councillor Sam Trask, told the BBC: “I drive a nine-year-old diesel car and, were I able to afford one, I’d already be driving a less-polluting car.”

“I feel that if the Welsh government are going to charge me to use a road that I normally use twice a day to go back and forth to work, then they’re actually going to put that aspiration even further out of reach, and I’m going to be even less likely to be able to afford a better car.”

“I think if these proposals were to go ahead, they would adversely affect the poorest in our society unfairly because these are the kinds of people who can’t afford a more modern electric car.”

With Labours polling numbers collapsing, this extra tax on Welsh motorists will only further that free fall. As the old saying goes, It’s a car crash waiting to happen.

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