Peston put on the spot after a debate with JHB on why he asked the government soft questions.

Julia Hartle-Brewer questions Robert Peston

Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer put ITV’s Political Editor on the spot after asking why he never asked the government tough questions through the Pandemic.

Robert Peston appeared on the show to promote the fictional book that he had written called “The whistleblower”. Julia then sprung a question onto Peston that caught him off guard.

Julia asked Peston why he, being as clever as he is, didn’t ask the tough questions that needed to be asked, why was he soft on the government. This line of questioning caught Peston off guard, leaving him searching for words to answer the questions.

Peston then said: “It was quite frustrating to try and do one’s normal job during all of this.”

“Obviously, I’m delighted to talk more about this at another time if it suits, but one relevant point is at the start of the crisis if I asked any kind of robust question, any type of robust question at a minister at those press conferences.”

“They would then be a torrent of abuse saying this is gotcha journalism, we’ve got this great prime minister trying to do his best – why don’t you just leave him alone?”

Peston blamed pressure from the people, fearing that if he asked tough questions during the Pandemic, he would have gotten a right load of abuse.

Julia then said, “So what” saying abuse from the public due to differing opinions comes with the job of being a journalist.


Peston then returned, saying that he worked hard as a journalist under challenging circumstances and that he didn’t want to be accused of being an “Alarmist”.

What’re your thoughts on this? Should Peston have been more vigorous in questioning the Pandemic, or was he right to hold back?

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