Starmer hopes his Labour all-star lineup, including Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan, will woo voters enough to vote Labour.

A crisis has hit the Labour leader Keir Starmer after his approval rating fell through the floor. Even promises of bringing the Labour Party back to the center has failed.

According to a new report by a Labour think tank, Starmer is being urged to address the approval gap by recruiting high-profile party members in the hope it sways public opinion.

During the course of the Pandemic, the Labour leader has been very silent and sometimes looked out of his depth. This has only contributed to the speed of his collapse in popularity. To date, not only are everyday Brits rejecting the Labour leader, his own party members have been disappointed due to his nonexistent approach over the last 18 months.

The new report by Labour in Communications, a grouping of Labour experts in comms and PR, has suggested that Starmer could win back the people by putting an all-star Labour Line up. The Line up would consist of successful Labour politicians who have succeeded In winning their seats.

The lineup would consist of Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester Mayor, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Newly elected Mayor of Yorkshire Tracey Brabin, Metro Mayor for South Yorkshire Dan Jarvis, Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson, and Metro Mayor for the Liverpool City Region Steve Rotheram.

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