DESPERATION – Labour wheel out Neil Kinnock in an effort to build support behind Keir Starmer.

Neil Kinnock throws his weight behind Keir Starmer

Today, Neil Kinnock has thrown his weight behind Starmer. Doing so, May have put the party against him even more.

Kinnock has come out saying Keir has the intelligence, maturity, resilience and courage as party leader. Kinnock May say Keir has all these qualities on paper when In reality, the public can see it’s all just niceties without substance.

The Labour Leader is doing all he can to become relevant after a recent polling show he is massively trailing behind the Tories. Yesterday it was announced that he was going to set up an all-star cabinet in an attempt to bring fresh ideas to the table.

An internal think tank in Labour suggested making the current policies work and make your message stick instead of bringing out new policy ideas.

Today, at a Labour event, Kinnock will be asking Labour members to get behind Keir, the Labour leader. With Kinnock saying this, it was suggested that his words prove Labour is divided and backward. Tory Richard Holden said: ‘If Sir Keir can only rely on Lord Kinnock for support, then it shows how divided and backward Labour remain.’

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