Brexit Battle set to cause rows between Frost and EU as protocol talks restart next week.

BREXIT frictions will explode again this month with little progress made during the summer on clashes over Northern ireland Protocol – We’ve cut out the jargon leaving key bullet points to the story below.

  • Customs checks required as part of the EU withdrawal agreement have been postponed.
  • London and Brussels agree to find solutions to ructions regarding how the Northern Ireland (NI) backstop agreement is implemented.
  • UK and EU haven’t met since July.

  • The lack of engagement at a political level has stalled talks.
  • One month till the backstop grace period ends.
  • UK disagrees with the EU’s purist interpretation of the implementation of the NI Protocol.
  • EU demands the UK to implement the NI Protocol fully.

  • EU told the Telegraph: “This has been the quietest summer in the five years of Brexit.”
    “Maros Sefcovic and Lord Frost have not even spoken to each other since July.”
  • Negotiations are said to be restarting next week.
  • The meeting between Lord Frost and Mr Sefcovic will talk place over the phone.
  • In July, the UK revealed new proposals to smooth over problems caused by the Brexit agreement.
  • UK want to remove all customs checks replacing them with light touch checks on supply chains, and removing the EU courts of Justice in overseeing the implementation of the protocol.
  • EU reject amendments from the UK.
  • Britain leaves Article 16 (abandoning the agreement) on the Table.

Source: Brexit war to reignite as explosive row boils over – Frost and EU not spoken since JULY