Thomas Guy Hospital Foundation cower to the woke. Statue to be removed and relocated.

It was confirmed by those who run London’s Guy’s Hospital charitable foundation that plans are now in place to remove and relocate the statue of Thomas Guy to a more “less prominent” place.

Even though 75 percent of those who voiced their opinion in an online consultation wanted the statue to remain, plans for removal continue to plough ahead. The Woke people running the foundation said that it is their “duty” to move and replace the statue with a plaque telling people about Guy’s links to the slave trade which took place over 300 years ago.

Even though over 3000 people took part in the online consultation, the foundation is now being accused of ignoring its results. Instead, they’ve chosen to bow down to the woke who are on a mission to remove British History.

In an explanation to justify the ignorance of the online consultation result, the foundation said anti-statue toppling campaigners promoted the online survey meaning it was highjacked and the results misrepresented.

The report said: “As referenced above, while our initial aim was to gather approximately 600 responses to the survey (350 responses to the shorter survey and 250 to the longer survey) from members of our local communities, extensive coverage and promotion led to more than 3,000 responses from across the UK.”

“In particular, a national organisation called Save Our Statues shared the survey with its supporters. Save Our Statues describes its mission as “protecting Great Britain’s exceptional and irreplaceable historical and cultural heritage.”

“We have included the survey results as it was a core element of the consultation, and the results reflect the strong views held by different groups about the future of these and other statues. However, the data must be read within the context that one group with a specific viewpoint likely dominated the responses.”

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