HERO – Former British Solider arrested by the Taliban after trying to evacuated 400 people from Afghanistan.

A former British soldier has today been arrested by the Taliban after he was doing his best to evacuate 400 Afghans, including 50 staff members left behind by the British government.

Ben Slater, 37, was thrown into prison and questioned by the Taliban regarding those he was trying to get across the Afghan border on a coach. Most of the 50 staff members on the coach were single women who couldn’t secure a place on British planes that were evacuating people out of Kabul.

Though he was arrested, the Telegraph later reported Ben was released and allowed to cross the border with one member of his staff while the rest were forced to stay behind.

Mr Slater told The Telegraph: ‘The final blow to the op is that the UK are only granting myself and one of my executive assistants over the border today, and they haven’t even suggested they are going to issue the visas for some or the rest of my group,’

‘It’s a complete disaster, really. It’s disgusting. It’s beyond horrible.’

When the evacuation was going on, Slater tried all he could the acquire the documentation to evacuate his staff which he eventually got, but his hopes were dashed after the Taliban were blocking the entrance to the Airport.

The Former British soldier told The Telegraph, “I was given one hour’s notice to send in my people’s names, the vehicles and stuff like that.”

“And that seemed a little bit like that was set up for me to miss the deadline. But we did it, and then it went sort of quiet, and then there was a little bit of ‘oh, you can’t come because you can’t get through the Taliban checkpoint’.”

Mr Slater was then put on hold and transferred to an automated call centre at the back of the queue. After failing to secure his exit on British Planes, he put together a plan to evacuate 400 people, including his 50 staff. That operation sadly failed this morning.

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