11,000 migrant criminals who were released in June were given deportation notices yet continue to roam the streets of Britain.

With nearly 11,000 migrant criminals roaming Britain, the number of foreign criminals who have been released from prison without being deported has risen by 176% in the past decade.

The latest figures from the Home Office show that 10,882 foreign offenders were released from prison in June. All of them have been subjected to a deportation order after a sentence of 12 months, but they have not been returned to their home country.

This is an increase of 1,500 over last year. The latest revelation will likely put more pressure on Priti and her department, already under fire for failing to deal with the rapidly growing migrant crisis in the English Channel.

Instead of deporting foreign criminals right away, some have served years of their sentence in Britain. The MailOnline reported figures in excess of 4000 migrant criminals remaining in Britain for one to five years before being deported, with another 3000 who fought against and deportation notice and have stayed in the UK.  

MailOnline was told by David Spencer, a think-tank at the Centre for Crime Prevention: “These numbers are staggering and deeply disconcerting for law-abiding British citizens.”

“We were told that Brexit would make it easier for us to control our borders and remove foreign criminals, but these numbers show this clearly isn’t the case yet.”

“It is time for concerted action from the Home Office to ensure that the laws are in place to ensure that the overwhelming majority of foreign criminals are deported from the UK at the end of the sentence.”

The Reform Party, Richard Tice, responded to these latest figures saying: “Foreign criminals should all be deported at the end of prison sentence. No ifs, no buts. Weak Home Office & weak⁩ Priti Patel failing again … Huge cost to taxpayers and ongoing risk to citizens.”

During the last election, the Tories said they were going to get tough on Foreign Criminals. We have yet to see any substance to the words that got them elected. 

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