WATCH – Afghans flee into Iran to escape Taliban control.

Today, the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been locked in a meeting with the United Nations Security Council, where a resolution on Afghanistan was found.

A statement from the Foreign Secretary posted on the government’s website said: “This resolution – which has been driven by the UK, US and France – is a strong signal of the determination within the international community to send a clear message to the Taliban and set clear expectations of the new Afghan government.”

“The resolution calls for safe passage for all those who wish to leave, urgent humanitarian access and respect for human rights, and insists that Afghan territory must not be used to threaten or attack any other country or to shelter and train terrorists.”

Yesterday when the final US plane flew out of Kabul, the Taliban were seen firing in the air with the weapons left by the US. They were also seen parading around Kabul Airport with US Army uniforms and equipment.

In a rush to get out of Kabul and other regions, There were also scenes of Afghans rushing into neighbouring Iran to flee Taliban control.

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